One of the most common questions we are asked is ‘when should I start looking for my prom dress?’

The answer is always ‘YESTERDAY’… we have been selling for prom 2020 since August 2019! The new collections have been arriving since September 2019 so, there is never too early a time.

We recommend shopping as early as possible to ensure you get the style you want before it is either sold to your school, meaning you can’t then have it (because we don’t sell the same dress to the same school, not even in a different colour!) or the dress you want may just sell to someone else from a different school, and with the way our shop works, we don’t restock the same styles!

We have the largest amount of stock between September and March so, this is always the best time to visit us!

If you are reading this and have your prom in 2021! This is the best advice that we can give to you, the earlier you start looking, the better!

But, if you are reading this and have your prom this year and are now in a huge panic because you haven’t got your dress yet, do not worry! We have stock all year round and still have hundreds of dresses available so, you can still visit us and find the perfect prom dress. And the best news, we don’t work on an ‘order in’ basis so, you can pick your dress and take away with you on the day!



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