Prom is the event that you wait for all year round, once you enter your last year of school! From picking your special dress, to shopping for accessories, plus hair and makeup preparation and then finally spending hours getting ready for the big night! Even when the event ends, it doesn’t mean your night has to! You don’t want all your getting ready efforts to go to waste do you? To continue the fun, and make your prom night one to remember, here are some ideas of what you could do after prom…

You could attend an ‘after prom party’. I know that many of our prom customers mention this as they are trying on their special dress! I do often hear “I need to find an ‘after prom’ outfit too” much to most parents horror – yes that is two dresses just for one occasion! If you want the night to stay young and you fancy carrying on dancing the night away, an after prom party is the perfect way to spend the rest of your night! It’s basically a second prom but just in another location!

You could grab a bite to eat! You may have spent the majority of prom dancing your socks off or mingling with your classmates that you may now not see for a while, and have worked up such an appetite you are now ready for some good food! Everyone loves to end their most memorable nights with some good fast food right? I would definitely choose a good old McDonalds if it was me…

Relax! You have just spent the entire day preparing for prom and I imagine you are completely exhausted! I definitely don’t blame you if you’re too tired and just want to relax for the rest of your night. If you prefer to just relax then what better way to do this than throwing an after prom sleepover. This way, you can change into your comfiest pyjamas, eat your favourite snacks and reminisce about the best night you and your friends just had.

Prom doesn’t have to be over in one night does it!? You could continue the prom celebrations the day after prom and drag this occasion out for as long as possible – I mean, you have waited years for this, right? You could venture to somewhere and take part in some of your favourite activities!  You and your friends could head to somewhere for a fun day out. You could choose the cinema, or maybe even an activity like like ice skating or bowling!

Whatever you choose to do after your prom, I am sure it will be memorable after such an unforgettable night.

Love Katie & The Dress Studio team x



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