So, when it comes to prom dress shopping, we know that many of you probably have absolutely no idea of where to start! That includes you prom girls and also parents!

We know that some of you may have family members, such as older sisters or cousins that have recently had prom so you may have a bit more of an idea how it works, but we are very aware that this is a very new experience for most of you and each store works very differently and so, we are going to give you a little overview of how The Dress Studio works!

When you first arrive at the store we find that many of our prom customers can be a little overwhelmed with the idea of prom dress shopping. It can be a little daunting and some of you may even be a little nervous but of course extremely excited, but that is totally normal!

For most of you, we know that you have never really even looked for anything like this before, let alone worn something similar to a prom dress so it can be a little nerve racking! When you first enter the store, you will be greeted immediately by a member of our experienced team who will explain in detail exactly how the store works, how we are set out, where to look for dresses in your size, what to do when you find a dress you like and where to go when you are ready to start trying on!

The Dress Studio has two floors, all of our amazing dress are situated on the ground floor and the first floor is our luxury changing rooms (and yes, our amazing glitter wall)! On the ground floor where all of our dresses are, this is set out in colour sections and size order, this is so it is much easier for you to look for styles that you want to try! This way, you can go straight to a colour section, look on the rail and see your size section and clearly pick out the dresses that are going to suitable for you to try on.

We have the dresses arranged in american sizes, from smallest to largest and marked very clearly so, we can easily direct you of where is best for you to start looking. When you first arrive, we will advise you on what sizes you need to be looking for when picking your prom dress selections! We normally recommend that you have a good look through all the dresses in your size so you do not miss any!

When you find any dresses that you’d like to try you can just let us know and we will whisk them away upstairs to the changing rooms with your name and school so that they are ready and waiting for when you want to start trying! We do this so that your dresses are temporary ‘unavailable’ for anyone else to look at until you completely finished trying them on, just incase one of these selections is ‘the one’ we don’t want anyone else to get their hands on it whilst you are still shopping with us!

We normally recommend that you select at least five or more dresses to get started with, this will help give you more of an idea of different styles and colours, and it makes it easier for you to have one good try on rather than keep popping in and out of the changing rooms just trying on one or two dresses at at time.

We know that many of you have absolutely no idea what you are looking for and looking at the dresses on the hangers can be difficult as some of them don’t look as good as they do when they are tried on and so, if you are struggling we always recommend for you to just let us know and that way, we can grab a mixed selection of dresses in your size and then we can start by trying those first for you to ease into it!

Once you are finished selecting your collection of dresses to try on, we then guide you upstairs to our luxury changing rooms and this is where the fun begins! We normally pop a small selection of dresses in the changing room first for you to try and then we go from there! Any that you may try on that are potential options, we can pop back on the rail with your name so you can always go back to them later!

This is the part of the experience that we love as it is so lovely to see each prom customer start to try different styles and colours and to see what they do and don’t like. Trying these dresses on can be difficult, some you will hate and some you will love, at first you may have selected styles that you thought you wanted for prom, but you just do not feel right in them. This is where our experienced team comes in! We can then select different options for you to try on as we can gauge which colours and styles you are liking more, and of course we know the dresses better than anyone! We find that with many prom customers, our suggestions are always very welcome and in many cases our prom girls often end up choosing one of the options that has been picked for them by our team as it can often be something they would never have picked up for themselves.

Don’t forget we are specially trained when it comes to prom dress shopping and with years of experience we are here with you every step of the way! If you have any other questions or queries please contact us! You can do this by emailing us on or give us a call on 01925 766258!

Lots of love,

Katie & The Dress Studio team x



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