Bride Wars

Kate Hudson starred in this film as ‘Liv’ and wore this amazing Vera Vang wedding dress which was designed for Bride Wards.

Sex & the city

When Carrie got married it was inevitable that her dress would be a piece of art! We love this silk style, the cut and detailing is so beautiful.

Mamma Mia

Amanda Seyfried played ‘Sophie’ in this film and her wedding dress was very Grecian, finished off with a stunning hairstyle and veil, we love this look!

27 Dresses 

‘Jane’ played by Katherine Heigl was always the bridesmaid so, obviously her wedding dress at the end of the film had to be outstanding!

Runaway Bride 

Because everyone rides a horse in their wedding dress right? Julia Roberts still looks amazing in her wedding dress in this film!



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