Usually, when you think ‘prom dress disaster’ you often associate this with the suspicious online websites who advertise a product that is completely false! We know many of you who have ordered a dress from a website, and it has either never arrived and it has but it is absolutely nothing like you expected it to be!

But we have to make you aware, that a ‘prom dress disaster’ can also occur when having your prom dress custom made! I know many of you think this is the easier option, as you will be getting exactly what style you want but please be aware – this is not always the best option!

We found this example online of American teenager called Malexa Maeweather who turned to a local designer for a custom made prom dress and as you can see from the photos below, the results were just horrific!



This prom girl had seen a dress design on Instagram, as we know many of our prom girls do, but she couldn’t find the exact dress anywhere so decided it was definitely the style that she wanted and so, she turned to someone who she thought she could trust to recreate this!

We cannot stress to our prom customers enough, that this can be a huge risk!! This is the same concept as ordering a dress from a website, it is something you have never seen before, you don’t know what the actual material is going to feel or look like, you don’t know how the style is going to suit you or if the size is going to be right on your shape. This is why at The Dress Studio, you can try before you buy – we urge to to think twice when going to get your prom dress made!



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