How To Choose a Prom Hairstyle 

Prom hairstyles should always compliment your dress and face shape. When you are trying to figure out which hairstyle to choose for prom, keep in mind the following:

  • The neckline of your dress: Necklines that are high, such as halter, or a gown with a low/open back look great with an up do. By sweeping the hair up and off your neckline you can really show off the style and shape of the dress. Strapless, plunge necklines and sweetheart necklines are usually low enough, meaning that they do not compete with your hairstyle so for these styles, you could go with a glamorous Hollywood curl as this may be all you need to finish off your look.
  • The shape of your face: Long, oval and rectangular shaped faces really suit hair up do’s that has some volume to it. If you have a round or heart-shaped face, you could consider choosing a prom hairstyle that is half-up/half down. Alternatively, go all down with a bit of volume at the roots, plus some waves or curls if you have long hair.

It is important to remember that everyone prefers different hairstyles! I personally do not like my hair up so I would always choose a style that was down in some way, trying to show off the dress shape as much as possible!

How to Choose Prom Jewellery

Finding the perfect jewellery to coordinate with your prom dress is a fun process but can also sometimes be difficult! If you aren’t sure what style you want, the best thing to do is try on different options with your dress and see what you think looks best.

Just like choosing a hairstyle, choosing your prom jewellery depends a lot on your dress style. Here are some tips:

  • Earrings

Long sparkly earrings look nice with dresses that have a very clean neckline like a bateau or high neck style and also a lower neckline such as a plunge, sweetheart or strapless. If your dress already has a lot of detail in the top, I would say to try and avoid large earrings, choose a smaller, simpler pair instead. If you are really struggling, rhinestone studs are always a good choice and go with nearly any style!

  • Bracelets

Bracelets and bangles should be kept delicate and with a bit of sparkle. Bulky bangles or layering too many can distract from the beauty of your dress. A piece of advice that I would definitely give is to always be careful when wearing any type of bracelet as they can sometimes catch on the side of your dress and damage the material.

  • Necklaces

Necklaces are the trickiest item to pair with a prom dress. Personally, I would always go with earrings and a bracelet before a necklace as that is my personal preference but sometimes, a necklace can really set off the dress! There are only a few dress styles where a necklace would add and not detract from the overall look.

The best dress to pair a necklace with is a strapless prom gown. That’s because there is a lot of bare skin on the neck and chest to ‘dress up’ with jewellery. The other kind of prom dress that can benefit from a necklace is a bateau neckline with simple fabric and little embellishments.

Sometimes with a necklace, less is more! You do not want to take away the detail from your dress with a necklace.

Love Katie & The Dress Studio team x



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