From our hundreds of prom customers from this year, it is so difficult to choose a specific favourite as we love every dress and customer so much! However, we have had a good look through all our amazing photos from prom 2017 and picked out a small selection of some of our favourite looks to show you that every prom girl goes for something completely different and there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when it comes to your prom dress!

As you can see from the photo below, this gorgeous girl has gone ‘all out’ for prom! We know that everyone is completely different, everyone wants a different look for prom and all girls suit different styles but we do always say you can never have ‘too much’ for prom, it is a once time thing and we say the more glitz and glam the better! This is the look that this gorgeous prom girl went for, this Jovani gold fishtail made her stand out for all the right reasons and she was definitely the talk of the school! Teamed with a gorgeous gold clutch bag and a beautiful hair up-do to make sure all of the attention is in the dress!

The next style we have chosen is this beautiful girl in green! Green is not the most popular colour for prom, we do find that prom girls can be almost too scared to wear green as it may stand out too much or nobody else is having this colour, but we think that is the perfect reason to choose green – be different!! This is a very plain and simple, classy Sherri Hill style and we love the way this beautiful prom girl has teamed this with a sparkly choker and a little clutch bag with an over the shoulder strap. With the loose curly hairstyle we think this prom look is stunning!

We love this beautiful gold sequined dress that this beautiful girl has gone for! The off the shoulder shape teamed with these gorgeous gold sequins creates a really wow look for prom! We absolutely adore the corsage that has been added to this look and the gorgeous jewellery which just really makes it all come together beautifully. Finished with a really simple hairstyle which again, makes everything about the dress and the girl wearing it!

Belle of the ball!! This girl was brave enough to go for something really bold for prom and we think it worked perfectly! This prom girl’s look was inspired by beauty and the beast and we absolutely love it! A bold yellow Pia Michi dress which has been teamed with a simple clutch bag and the most amazing hairstyle with little flowers throughout the whole design! Such a ‘different’ but WOW prom look!

‘ A simple black dress is boring’ is a comment that is most definitely proved wrong by this prom girl here. Many girls are scared that black is the wrong colour for prom as it is ‘boring’ or ‘not summery enough’ but we think black works so well for prom, after all, you can never go wrong with a black dress right? Black may be more of a safer option but we think it is so classy and elegant as this stunning prom girl looks here. Teamed with a subtle clutch bag and a simple hair up-do, we love this effortless look!

‘White is too much like a wedding dress’ is a comment we often hear from our prom girls and this is another beauty who is proving that white doesn’t just have to be for a wedding, it can be stunning for prom! This prom girl has gone for a really wow fishtail style which we think, looks absolutely incredible! If you can’t warm up for your wedding with your prom dress, when can you!? Finished with loose curls and a matching clutch bag ,we think this prom girl looks every inch a prom queen!

The look that this gorgeous girl has gone for is a very pretty, girlie prom look. The royal blue is such a striking colour and we love the detailed bodice finished with the chiffon skirt. This is a more practical prom dress, many of you think of the all important things like ‘will I be able to sit down?’ ‘can I dance in my dress?’ – this girl made sure all of those things were covered! Teamed with silver shoes and silver clutch and a beautiful curly hairstyle, we think this prom girl has got glamour written all over her!

This look is princess perfect! We are still a huge lover of the princess style and for prom 2017 it was a very popular style! We think this prom girl has got all of the glitz going on and we absolutely love it! This prom look reminds us of Barbie, the pink princess gown with the blonde hair and, we think prom is the perfect excuse to go ‘all out’ barbie style! So beautiful!

We know that red is a very popular colour for prom and we can see why with this next prom look! Many of our prom customers think that red is only suited for darker skin tones and darker hair but this girl is proving this theory wrong here! This girl has finished her look with a beautiful corsage, a stunning hair up-do and red lipstick. We think that this prom look is so striking!

A prom dress does not always mean ‘dress’ – we are a huge fan of the two-piece, and so is this gorgeous prom girl! This is another style which our prom girls can often be too scared to wear but again, we think dare to be different! We think this is such a young, fun style and we love how this girl has teamed her prom look with a hair up-do which shows off the beaded top beautifully! Prom perfection!

As you can see from all the styles above, there is a complete mixture when it comes to prom dresses! At The Dress Studio, we stock every style, colour and size to suit each and every one of our prom girls. There are no ‘rules’ when it comes to prom dresses, we say go for something you love and something you feel amazing, confident and comfortable in! There may well be someone at prom who is wearing something similar to you, as there are only so many dress styles, but also there will be a complete mixture, as everyone has different taste! We always say, don’t worry about anyone else, don’t worry about what your friends are wearing, just love your own prom dress!

Love Katie & The Dress Studio team x




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