We know that many of you often visit a store, find a dress that you have fallen in love with and then decide to walk away and have a search online to see if you can get it cheaper anywhere else – this where the danger begins! This is where the scary, online fraudulent websites come up in your search and although this sometimes seems like the easiest and cheaper option, it is more hassle than it is sometimes worth!

As awful at is it, this may sound like it is too good to be true – and it usually is…

The companies that advertise these dresses on their websites are illegally using images from designers such as Sherri Hill, Jovani etc to promote that they make those dresses and then when they eventually arrive (if they ever do), it is a total nightmare! They make it extremely difficult, if not impossible to send these dresses back or receive a refund and because they are usually based outside of the UK, there is very little trading standards can do.

You may think you are getting an absolute bargain and are paying half the price for the same dress as you have seen in a store – trust us, you will get what you pay for!!

To sell designers such as Sherri Hill, Jovani etc you have to be an authorised retailer – which we are! To be sure that this is the case, you can tell by these logos! As you can see it does state ‘authorised retailer’ so, do just always check this when you are trying to figure out if the website is legit or not!


Below you can see some examples of dresses that have been ordered from websites who are illegally selling designer dresses and the examples of the type of styles that actually arrive:

These photos prove why you should never order your prom dress online! It is such a huge risk and the results can be devastating! Don’t walk into a prom dress disaster…



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