When should I start looking for my prom dress?

The main thing to remember is that it is never too early! We always suggest to prom girls to start looking for their prom dresses as soon as possible.

Even though we stock a large range of different designers such as Sherri Hill, Jovani, Mac Duggal, Pia Michi and many more! We do not tend to do duplicates of each style and so, once a style has sold, it has gone! The biggest mistake can be trying something then coming back a month later, as the style will probably have sold. We suggest you start the hunt early, as we do know our prom customers are very on the ball!

We recommend that from September is the best time to start looking for dresses. You may think that is too early but we have already been receiving the brand new 2018 collections over the past few weeks. Prom dress shopping is very competitive and so once the new styles are gone, they are then fully sold out!

The best thing about getting your prom dress from The Dress Studio is that we do not sell the same dress to the same high school so, the sooner you come in and choose your dress the better as no one will then be able to have the same dress from our store! This is great if you are based in Warrington like we are, because that means you will not have to worry about being in the same dress as anyone in your school! Even if you travel to us from Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, or even as far as Scotland, we will still make a note of your school and which dress you have just in case anyone else from your school visits us!

Our busiest month is January and the store can become quite crowded at this time. In the months before Christmas, the shop is completely quiet and we have the same stock in that we would in January – so, we advise you to make the most of this peaceful time and look at prom dresses before Christmas.



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