So, once the all important dress is sorted, it is then time to start getting excited about everything else like hair, makeup and accessories!

Let’s talk about hair…

Would you wear yours up or down? How do you decide? The best thing to do is to decide which you feel most comfortable with first, some people don’t mind and will want to wear their hair in whatever way suits the dress best, others may never dream of wearing their hair up so that is a big no!

Hair up! This is always good if your prom dress has a lot of detail on the top or has an open or low back that you want to show off as much as possible! Here are some hair up inspo pics…

I love these sort of styles, I think they are super pretty but also really classy. I love the idea of like a plait too or a sleek ponytail can also look so effective!

Hair down! This works with any style dress so no need to worry about that!

I love these sort of styles, they are all quite similar but I think all hair down can be a bit boring? I think adding a little bit to it makes the difference! I love the half up and half down styles, they are so cute!

Keep posted for our next blogs where will be talking makeup and accessory inspo!



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