So you have made it into year 11 and now you can’t stop thinking about prom!! You have been waiting for this moment for ages and now it is finally here…

Here are some of your #promgoals

  • Dream Dress – You have imagined it, and you probably have been thinking about it since you started high school! It’s time to wake up from that dream and make that gown a reality by searching for the perfect dress!
  • Prom Dress Shopping – You probably have an idea of what you want  and have been having a good look online for a while for dress ideas, but this could completely change once you start trying on prom dresses!  It is time to get out there and find that dress! Shopping for your gown will honestly be one of the most fun experiences, especially if you come to The Dress Studio obviously!
  • Perfect Fit –  You don’t just want to own your dream dress; you want to rock your dream dress! The best way to look extra glam in your prom gown is to make sure you have the perfect fit – you can always have alterations done to your gown to make it prom perfect!
  • Perfect Prom Date – While by no means do you have to bring a date to have a fabulous time at prom, that doesn’t mean you can’t help but imagine your prom to be like one from an American film! So, do you choose boyfriend or girlfriend?? #matesbeforedates
  • Hair & Makeup – Whether you are having a professional do the work, or you are tackling it all on your own – every girl thinks about how they imagine their hair and makeup to be for prom – of course it has to go with the dress too! Every girl wants to look extra glam for prom…
  • Dream Ride – So you’re only going to have prom once so you’ve got to turn up in style right? How about a nice car or stretch limo – choice of car is crucial!! I mean I personally would probably go for a helicopter…(jokes – I wish!!)
  • After-Prom Plans – This is the night to remember, you are only going to leave high school once and have prom, so why not keep it going after prom has officially ‘ended’. Go out afterwards, or throw a slumber party with your best friends!


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