So I know that this has been such a difficult year and whilst it is not what we expected at all, that doesn’t mean that having fun and making new memories is cancelled!

I know that under current restrictions, larger parties may not be viable, but we have some amazing ideas to help you commemorate this special time!

Prom improvisation ideas:

  • Prom garden party – you could gather your 6 besties, hire a tepee, put your gorgeous prom dresses on and celebrate your prom at home! You could even book a photographer and get some amazing snaps in your dresses so you can look back on the photos forever!
  • Prom sleepover – pick out your favourite girlie films, grab your favourite snacks, get on your matching pj’s (it may not be a prom dress but we can improvise!) Winter is officially here so this a perfect idea!
  • Private dining room – hire a private room at your favourite restaurant for 6, tell them you are celebrating prom and leaving school and will be arriving in style, wear your dresses and go and eat some amazing food!
  • Friends date in ManchesterA Christmas drive-in cinema with igloo viewing pods – the coolest idea!! Manchester currently have chalet/igloos now for the winter months for film nights. You don’t need a car! Get your cosy knits on and head there to watch your favourite Christmas films with your besties!

Whilst we know all of the above ideas aren’t what you ever imagined or planned, I think the main thing to remember is that at the moment, we are lucky to be able to see family and friends and any memories or plans we can make right now, is a bonus! It isn’t necessarily ‘what’ you do, it’s who you do it with!

You can celebrate in any way and still make precious memories, and I guess it is definitely a story to tell the grandchildren in the future! … ‘Oh well Coronavirus may have ruined my original prom plans but I still celebrated in my own way!!’ Lets channel more of our positive sides…Focus less on the negative on not being able to prom the way you planned and focus more on the positives of well, Corona you won’t completely stop me!!

If there is anyone reading this blog who has prom next year, whilst there is still a lot of uncertainty for 2021, we know that all school leavers deserve a special time and to feel incredible. Our advice to you would be to continue to look forward to your prom next year, one way or another it will go ahead! You are now in school in ‘bubbles’ so worst case scenario, your bubble can prom!

We have already had lots of prom 2021 customers purchasing their dresses and we think that is the spirit!

Lots of love and positivity from, The Dress Studio team xx



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