If I was 16 and could do prom all over again I know exactly what kind of prom dress I would be wearing, and it wouldn’t be a a red fishtail style…. It would be a dress fit for a pizza princess, that also doubles as a bed for when my feet get sore from dancing my socks off!

The girl behind this genius (but slightly crazy) idea, is costume designer, Olivia Mears who designed and made this one-of-a-kind dress. She must be a pizza lover like us, right?

Olivia originally designed the dress for Domino’s ‘Piece of the Pie’ contest and even posed on a throne of empty Domino’s boxes! This was all completely handcrafted by her, how amazing!

You can see Olivia’s Instagram post here!

Never mind Cinderella… this is all about pizzarella!



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