Our top tips for prom dress shopping…

  • Try to be open minded when you come to the store…

If you have something in mind of what you want for prom, this is absolutely fine, we will definitely help you find this and let you have a good try on and see how you feel!

But, it is also important to try and push yourself out of your comfort zone to try on something that you haven’t necessarily thought of or considered before.

The dresses all look so different on so, whatever you may have in mind, you may not like once you try it on and this can sometimes be frustrating so, be open minded! Try on different colours and styles, and even if you think ‘I will definitely not like this!’ try it anyway – you may surprise yourself! And the worst thing that can happen…you don’t like it and you prove yourself (and us!) right and that is fine!

Patience is also key, it is very rare that someone tries on one or two dresses and makes a decision!

Always remember with prom dress shopping, you have absolutely nothing to lose, just your dream dress to gain!! Trust our team, we know what we are doing – we promise!

  • Don’t stress about sizes!

If you have a dress that is a complete different size to what size you would normally wear in everyday clothes, this is completely normal and you have no reason to worry or stress about this AT ALL!

This is the case with most prom customers as the dresses all fit so differently! Many of our dresses are also made by American designers and so, they fit much smaller. Also the material can be quite restricted and the style of prom dresses are so so different to jeans and a t-shirt!

As long as you look and feel amazing in your dress, it does not matter what size is on the label!

  • Ask for help if you are struggling…

We have an amazing, experienced team here who can help you every step of the way. If you have tried on a selection of dresses and can’t find anything you like, let us know! We can help pick out other styles and spend time going through the different options until you find ‘the one!’.

Equally, if you come into the store and just don’t know where to start, again, let us know! We can pick out a great selection for you, of a complete range of styles and colours and get you started with trying on and then you will be into the swing of it in no time!

We are not pushy sales assistants here and we completely understand that some customers like a little more space than others and we respect this completely! We are just here if you need us so, always ask!

  • Try not to bring too many people with you when you come prom dress shopping…

Our store can become very crowded in our busy times and sometimes, too many opinions can confuse you and make your decision harder, especially if there are two dresses that you absolutely love and can’t choose between!

You can always send photos or even facetime family members/friends at home if you want to show them your dress once you have made your decision to get their thoughts and approval!

  • Bringing a pair of high heels with you always helps when trying on…

This gives you a better idea of how the dress will look! If you don’t have any, don’t worry, we do have a selection here that you can try on with the dresses! Also if you don’t want to wear high heels for prom, this is also not a problem at all, not everyone does!

  • Make up and fake tan – avoid this!

Wear no/as little as possible make up and fake tan! This is to avoid damaging the dresses! With the way our shop works, the dresses that we have in the store are the ones that you buy and take home with you so, we want to avoid any damage!

  • Most importantly, this is YOUR prom and YOUR dress so, YOU do YOU!

Don’t worry if someone else said they prefer another dress that you tried on, or if someone else from your year group is also getting a red dress, you go with what YOU love and what YOU want! If you feel amazing, nothing else matters!



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