So, I know that we are in such a difficult, uncertain time at the moment and I know that because of the situation with Covid-19, prom can’t currently go ahead just yet.

Most schools have postponed the prom date until later on in the year which is great, as there is still something to look forward to but, I know it is really sad for everyone that prom can’t go ahead right now as planned.

Trust me prom girls, we feel your sadness and disappointment just as much as you do! We look forward to this time of year every year to see all of you in your gorgeous dresses!

But as if Covid-19 was going to get in the way of our customers putting on their amazing dresses and celebrating prom in one way or another! We absolutely love this idea, whatever you want to call it ‘lockdown prom’, ‘home prom’, ‘mini prom’, it just makes us so so happy to see our prom girls putting on their dresses, turning a negative into a positive and celebrating either way! It just goes to show that, you can make the best of a (bad) situation, you can turn that disappointment into something fun, enjoyable and still make those special memories!

Here are some photos of our gorgeous prom girls doing just that…

If you have your ‘lockdown prom’ planned and still to go ahead, please don’t forget to send us your photos as we would absolutely love to see and share them! Or, if you maybe hadn’t thought of this idea, then maybe this is something you could consider, gather your close family and friends, get in the garden and PROM!



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