We are huge fans of the Kardashians and were so sad to hear that Kylie Jenner never actually went to her school prom!

In a preview clip for her new reality show ‘Life of Kylie’, Kylie talked about how sad it was for her to see all her friends go to their prom while she was stuck at home.

In the recent clip, Kylie is trying on dresses as she is accompanying Albert Ochao, one of her fans, to his high school prom.

As she is trying on potential prom dresses, Kylie talks about never getting to go to her own prom stating that she was homeschooled and this was the reason as to why she never went to a prom. Kylie did start high school, at Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, California, but left in 2012 and was later homeschooled. In the clip, Kylie admits that when her prom night came, she blocked all the photos that kept popping up on social media so that she didn’t have to see them!

Kylie said:  “It was really sad, actually. I had to unfollow all my friends that I went to school with. They probably all thought I hated them, but I just couldn’t see it, you know? Because they would always post photos, and they were all at the prom, and I was like, I can’t see it. It just made me sad.”

Kylie accompanied Albert to his prom, and chose this gorgeous blush pink, one shouldered dress for the occasion, we think she looks absolutely beautiful!




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