We have to say that red is our most popular colour here at The Dress Studio!

Here are some amazing red dresses that we have in stock at the moment 

So, how do you know if red suits you or not?

Red is a definitely a bold colour that attracts attention! We find that with most of our prom customers, it is always the most requested colour! When visiting the store we find that upon arrival and specifying what they may have in mind it normally includes red! Some will leave the store with a red dress, others will try it on and decide that it is not the colour for them.

I am sure that many of you are probably thinking that red is only for the darker tones and brunettes but this is not true! As you can see from the photos below of some of our beautiful prom customers from prom 2017, you can see that there is a total mixture of complexions here, brunette, blonde and red hair! As long as you feel amazing wearing red, you can’t go wrong!

We have a huge selection of red dresses in stock at the moment, in all sizes! You can shop these on our website here now!

Love Katie & The Dress Studio team x



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