What’s better than going to prom with that person you really fancy? Going with a super famous person, obvs!

Here are a selection of celebs who went to prom with some of their amazing fans…

In August 2017, Kylie joined Albert Ochoa at his prom. Albert attended a High School in Sacramento, California and Kylie, who never had the opportunity to go to prom because she was home-schooled, heard of Albert’s prom on social media. It was revealed that his prom date rejected him because he was the brother of her BFF. Kylie’s appearance that night did not go unnoticed and actually appeared on an episode of Life of Kylie. I bet Albert’s original prom date regrets rejecting him now right?

MTV had a show called ‘Once Upon a Prom’ and Rihanna choose lucky high school student Richard out of a group of guys who didn’t have prom dates that year. This was actually Rihanna’s first ever prom!

Taylor also gave ‘Once Upon a Prom’ a try in 2008 after she also missed out on her own senior prom due to her tour schedule! Taylor’s date was Whit Wright from Hillcrest High School in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

In August 2014, Vanessa Anne Hudgens surprised 17-year-old Cesar Guerrero, who was battling cancer, at his prom. How amazing! What an incredible thing for the High School Musical star to do!

In April 2015, Bieber crashed the Chatsworth High School prom, reportedly because he was recording nearby! There was screaming, dancing, insta videos of the appearance! He later tweeted “Always wanted to go to prom. Thanks for having me. #promcrasher” … I am sure it was a pleasure to have him!

In 2010, Demi kept her kindergarten promise to childhood BFF, Nolan Narddechia when she showed up as his prom date! He gave her a corsage, and they travelled to prom in a Rolls Royce!

Culver City High School seniors were in for the surprise of a lifetime when Jason Derulo showed up to perform some of his hits at their prom! Jason, who didn’t go to his own prom, also had the honour of announcing Culver City High’s prom king and queen.

How amazing are all of these prom stories! Which celeb would you like at your prom? Tweet us @thedressstudio…

Love Katie & The Dress Studio team x



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