So after days of searching, endless trying on, and a million pictures sent to friends for approval, you finally found the perfect shoes for prom. You absolutely love them and they go perfectly with your dress. Now, as prom approaches, you are worried about your shoes (as fabulous as they are) not being very kind to your feet. The key to making your shoes dance floor ready is definitely breaking them in.

Here are our very best tips for how to break in your prom heels!

Wear them around the house…

The most obvious way to break in shoes is to wear them! Try to wear them around the house whenever you can. You could even wear them for an occasion before prom, but obviously being super careful not to damage them in any way! When wearing them around the house, you could also put on a pair of big fluffy socks to try to stretch them out a little.

Freeze them…

This is an old school trick for stretching out shoes, but there is always wisdom in old tricks! Layer two plastic bags and fill them with water, be sure to test them for any holes before putting them in your shoes (as we would hate for any prom shoe disasters to occur). Once you are sure that they will not leak, put one bag in each shoe, and then place them in the freezer! As water expands when it freezes, this will stretch your shoes equally throughout, without damaging them. When removing them from the freezer, be sure to place them in a room temperature space so that they can warm up at a reasonable speed.

Heat them up…

The opposite of the trick above but this also works well! Use a hair dryer to heat up your shoes for a few minutes, as this will make the material more pliable, and then use your hands to stretch or bend the shoes a few times. You can even heat them up, and then put them on to use your foot to stretch the shoe, being careful  it is not too hot. If you are wearing a plastic or rubber based shoe, do make sure you only use heat on a medium setting so this does not damage the material.


This is a great trick for last minute breaking in. When you go to wear your prom shoes, try to see where the shoe could possibly rub on your foot, and try some preventative padding. Use padded plasters for this as it will stop blisters before they happen. You could also look into using a gel stick on patch under the heel, or inside the toe to add comfort to super high heels.

Have a back up plan…

If all else fails and you know your shoes are going to still be uncomfortable but are still dying to wear them, here are a few tips for preventing discomfort on the day of prom!

Pack your prom clutch bag with a few essentials for shoe comfort, like plasters. Before putting your shoes on, try dabbing Vaseline on spots that might be rubbed by the shoe, this will also help for getting shoes on easily.

Another trick is to tape your middle toes together, usually the 3rd and 4th toe works best, as this will help your toes from getting squeezed. If all this fails too, pack a pair of flats in your bag, fold up dolly shoes are a great option so they don’t take up too much room in your bag! You can then take all your important prom photos in the heels, and then pop on something a little more comfortable to dance your prom night away!

We know the struggle of battling pain for beauty….



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