The Dress Studio - prom superstore!For many of us, the highlight of our last day of school consisted of signing each others shirts and  preparing to face the world of work. However, in the last ten years that has changed dramatically across schools in the UK….. now, the end of school is marked by the highlight of the school social calendar – PROM!


Prom is no longer something that we only hear of when we watch the American movies…. It’s now bigger than ever for schools in Britain. For parents of students (particularly those with daughters!) who have recently left school, they will confirm the importance that prom played in their final year of school. Many now see prom as a rite of passage, centring on fun, dressing up and shared memories – many of the students will have been at school together since Year 7 and so, they have a lot of history together; prom is a celebration of their time together and at the school.


Many see prom as a social opportunity, a chance to open up the mystical world of formal dining. There are very few occasions when people are given the opportunity to attend a formal occasion like this and so, it is a lifetime experience for them.

 For those with daughters, it is highly likely that by the time they reach Year 11, you will have heard them utter the words ‘prom dress shopping.’ This was once something that would have been a chore, finding a shop with a selection of more than a couple of evening gowns was near impossible. However, The Dress Studio (located in Culcheth, Warrington) changed this. The store opened in 2012 and was inspired by the American Prom Dress and Evening Gown stores that hundreds of dress options all under one roof. With over 1000 dresses instock and over 30 luxury, fitting rooms, The Dress Studio has become the ‘go-to’ place for a prom dress or evening gown.


The store caters for all price points, with long dresses starting from £50 and so, there is a dress for all budgets. The Dress Studio are stockists of some of the leading prom dress designers including Sherri Hill, Jovani, Forever Unique and more. Their team are dedicated to having a style for everyone and they travel across America meeting the designers, to ensure they bring the best dresses to Warrington.


‘Since opening, we have seen the increasing popularity in prom in Warrington and beyond. Our customers travel from across the UK – from Edinburgh to Essex, in order to visit our store, as we really are one of a kind.


We have been selling prom dresses for 2018 throughout the summer and now the schools are back, it gets busier each week with prom customers. Our main advice is to try and visit the store before January, many wait until after Christmas and so, January becomes a little busier – between September and December, our new prom styles are arriving & so we have the 2018 dresses, but the shopping experience will be a lot more relaxed. The weekends in January can be a little like boxing day sales, with everyone coming at once!’ said Holly Pirrie, from The Dress Studio


With The Dress Studio on Warrington’s doorstep, everyone will be ready for their next glamourous event!



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